Security Guard Training in Middlesbrough

Security Guard Training Course in Middlesbrough

Completing Security Guard Training in Middlesbrough and applying for an SIA Security Guard licence allows you to work in the private security industry as a security officer. Security Guards usually work in a wide variety of roles including static guarding, manned guarding, key holding etc.

Obtaining the Level 2 Security Guard training course is the first step towards obtaining your SIA licence to work in the security industry. If you are looking to work in the Security industry as a Security Guard only, this is the right course for you.

The SIA Security Guard Training Course runs over 5 days and is divided into 3 units:

  • Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry
  • Unit 2: Working as a Security Officer
  • Unit 3: Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry

It also includes Level 3 Emergency First Aid Certificate which is now a mandatory requirement in order to apply for an SIA Licence.

On the final day of the course there will be three multiple choice exams and a practical assessment. Our pass rates are some of the highest in the business thanks to the highly experienced tutors and the quality of the training provided.

The difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision

It is important to understand the difference between a the Security Officer and the Door Supervisor training course. Security Guards cannot work as Door Supervisors. However, Door Supervisors can work as Security Guards.

The first 3 units of both these qualifications are the same but on the Door Supervisors course you will learn an additional unit (Physical Intervention). This additional unit allows them to work in more roles whilst also enabling them for Security Guarding roles.

We strongly recommend to all who are considering the Security Officer training course that they consider the Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry course instead. Qualified Door Supervisors can legally work in all the same roles as Security Guards. In addition, they can also work in licensed premises such as bars, clubs, events and festivals, which Security Officers may not be able to work in if alcohol is being served. A Door Supervisor qualification will enable candidates to perform a far wider variety of roles and will greatly increase their chances of finding employment.

Course Location: Middlesbrough Training Centre

How do I get the SIA Security Guard Licence?

Getting your SIA Security Guard Licence may seem like a long-winded process. Getting your license actually involves the following 3 easy steps:


Book and attend our security officer and first aid courses.


Get certified by passing the course you can resit if required.


Complete the SIA application using our fast track service.