Meet The Vistech Training Team

Our training team are dedicated to delivering occupationally relevant courses.

Each member of the Vistech Training team has been selected for a combination of their exceptional instructional ability, extensive practical experience and outstanding knowledge and industry experience.

They are also backed by a company who strive to set new industry standards in all aspects of the business including the development and delivery of our training courses. The Vistech Training team are always adapting their training methods to ensure you receive the most up to date training available in the industry.

Fully Accredited Trainers

As professional tutors, each of our trainers hold nationally accredited vocational training and assessing qualifications. They confidently deliver SIA approved security courses, which is the first step to starting a career in the Private Security Industry.

The Vistech Training Team are your first point of contact when pursuing a career within the Private Security Industry. They are committed to developing your skills and, with one of the highest pass rates in the country they are dedicated to ensuring progress in your career. In short, our training team love what they do and therefore implement that passion and dedication into our learners ensuring you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re starting afresh in a new industry or looking to expand your current security skills, we can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick chat about your options – we’re sure we can find the right course for you.

Training Team Accreditations